Caregiver And Companion

As seniors age, they often start to lose touch. Perhaps they can no longer drive or find even moderate travel challenging. Unfortunately, this results in fewer interactions with family and friends and the communication and companionship that came with those relationships. That’s why LarLin HomeCare provides companion care for your loved one. Whether it’s reminiscing about the past or playing a card game, companionship will improve their health and well being.

LarLin HomeCare caregivers look out for your loved ones health and safety, handle household chores and encourage social interaction. Whether it’s a shopping trip or using social tools to stay connected with family and friends, we strive to keep seniors mentally and physically active.

The LarLin Companion Care Difference

We are good listeners!

Our caregivers will engage your loved one to learn about their past but also actively listen when they tell stories or reminisce about the past.

We encourage mental stimulation

A board game, working together on a cross word puzzle or watching and keeping score on Jeopardy helps stimulate active thinking. We’ll learn what your loved one enjoys and engage in those activities.

And light physical activity

A regular walk around the block or trip to the store helps your senior remain fit and healthy. We’ll encourage and participate in light exercise to keep them motivated.

Companion care is perfect for a loved one that prefers their independence but can’t handle daily activities like they have in the past. Call us at 630.852.4007 or fill out our  environmental and safety assessment to see how LarLin HomeCare companion care can work for you.