Home Dementia Care

LarLin HomeCare provides dementia care for clients throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas including Cook, Dupage, Lake, Kane, Kendall, McHenry and counties. Since 1998 we have provided thousands of hours of care for dementia patients. LarLin understands the unique problems and methods of addressing those special needs and problems of dementia clients. For example,

A Daily Routine

Dementia patients value the consistency of a routine. Having a general daily routine helps caregiving run smoothly

Structure And Familiarity

We strive to maintain a sense of structure and familiarity. Consistent times for activities such as waking up, mealtimes, bathing, dressing, receiving visitors, and bedtime are important. Even simple queues, such as opening the drapes to let in sunlight or reading from a book before bedtime help, if your loved one doesn’t completely understand.

Stay Active

Activities improve a dementia patient’s outlook. Even simple tasks like putting their clothes in a hamper or snipping spent blooms from a plant are helpful. LarLin works with your loved one to judge what is reasonable and safe for them to handle.

Let LarLin assist you in discovering your caregiver needs and selection for a dementia client now.