Stay Connected to Family and Friends

A grandchild’s soccer game. Friends that live out of state. A favorite movie. Connecting with family and memories that are dear to us enrich our lives.

Although your loved one may not be able to get around like they once did, LarLin HomeCare social care keeps them from missing out.

Through the use of a computer, tablet or smartphone, our home care workers help your loved one use social applications. This connects them to the activities and people they love. Here are just a few ways we keep them connected:

  • When they can’t easily attend a soccer game or visit a friend, we’ll help them set up Skype or Face Time so they can share those moments
  • Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. We’ll show them their timeline. Plus we help them comment, like or even post their own photos
  • Does your loved one enjoy reading? We’ll help them get books of interest from the local library. And if their vision is poor, we’ll request the audio version!
  • If you subscribe to Netflix or another streaming service, we’ll help them pick out a movie or TV show that they enjoy.


Sometimes technology is confusing. We help your loved one with those challenges even if when it’s only turning the sound back on!

LarLin HomeCare helps your loved one maintain those fond relationships even if they are physically limited.

Call us at 630.852.4007 or fill out our free environmental and safety assessment form to see how LarLin HomeCare social care can work for you.