LarLin HomeCare uses a security and environmental assessment to evaluate your home and ensure your safety.

The Importance Of A Home Care Security & Environmental Assessment

Before a home care worker starts with a client, our care coordinators evaluate each home on more than 50 different conditions. For example,

  • When moving from one room to another, are any floors uneven?
  • Is there a clear path from the bedroom to the bathroom?
  • Are rugs used on wood or tile floors? Do they have non-skid backing?
  • Are frequently used kitchen utensils with close reach? Is there a safe means of reaching other items?
  • On outside steps, are sturdy handrails available?
  • Is there a peephole in the door to verify a visitor’s identification?

This information allows us to recommend safety improvements, eliminating potential hazards. It also prepares our home care workers for the unique needs of each household, helping them provide better care. And most importantly, it supports your loved one’s safety and promotes the highest level of independence possible.

Learn how LarLin HomeCare delivers effective care through the Security and Environmental Assessment.

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