You or your loved one may need home care assistance. But, not from just any caregiver. In home care is a big decision. How do you make the right choice for you and your family?

LarLin HomeCare makes your decision easy. Our multi step hiring process ensures that you have only trustworthy, experienced and effective caregiver to choose from.

The Home Care Hiring Process Starts With Recruiting

Not just anyone has the right attitude or skills to be an effective caregiver. Through our recruiting efforts, we identify candidates with a history of senior care service. This background allows us to develop a pool of candidates that have the skills necessary for effective caregiving including patience, dependability and empathy.

Each candidate completes a detailed application which includes their past work history and skill set. We also look for certifications and other credentials that set them apart.
Phone Interview
Communication is an essential part of a caregiver’s job. Once potential candidates are identified we conduct a phone interview to gauge their communication skills. Plus, we gain a better understand of their experience and range of skills.
In-Person Interview
This interview step allows us to further assess their empathy, understanding and ability to provide effective care. It also helps us match their skill set to client needs.
We check past job history and contact references. We require positive responses from references or the candidate isn’t hired.
Background Check
Before making an offer, LarLin Home Care conducts drug screening, criminal checks, DMV checks and social security validation.
Orientation and Training
Before our home workers take an assignment, we conduct a training and orientation program. This ensures they are knowledgeable about specific policies, procedures and requirements. This allows them to start operating effectively the first day they are assigned to a client.

LarLin HomeCare understands the importance of having capable, trustworthy home workers. Our hiring practices are designed to provide you effective care and maximize your peace of mind.

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