Caregiver training is essential to effective caregiving.

Whether it’s assisting a senior with their basic needs or assisting them from a bed to a wheelchair and then the bathroom, home care isn’t easy. For example, how do you safely move the senior in a safe and comfortable way? The answer isn’t always obvious. That’s why caregiver training is so important. And, that’s why LarLin HomeCare invests in training caregivers. It helps us ensure that you get the safe, thoughtful, helpful services you need.

Effective Caregiver Training Starts With Effective Caregiver Hiring

But, the key to effective training starts long before a caregiver provides care. It starts with the LarLin HomeCare hiring and screening process. We identify caregivers with experience, the appropriate skills and the right attitude. We’ve found that combining effective caregiver training with the right hire produces the best outcome for our clients.

Caregiver Training

Once employed, the caregiver attends a one day training session. The training includes a detailed skill assessment and training. In addition, a written exam helps us ensure compliance and identify areas that might require further attention. It’s only after we are confident in their home care skills that we assign a caregiver to a client.

Continuous Education

But, home care needs change. As a result, it’s essential to provide continuing education on topics including senior abuse, fall prevention, basic hygiene, infection prevention, first aid, communicating to patients with dementia and more.

Studies show when seniors can remain safely in their home, their attitude and health can improve. But that improvement doesn’t occur without an effective caregiver. One that knows how to handle both routine and complex situations.

A LarLin caregiver provides safe and thoughtful care for patients and peace of mind for families. Contact us to learn more about are caregiver training or how our home care services can assist you.